jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

More about "Living Healthy, Living Aloha!" Class

LIVING HEALTHY, LIVING ALOHA! WHAT: Discover how the power of the "Aloha spirit" within can help you deal with change, experience more ease in transitions, create a healing lifestyle, and transform your life with love, common sense and grace. Learn how to connect to the inner Aloha spirit with breathing exercises and other natural techniques and practices. Discover and begin to free yourself from patterns that no longer serve you, in order to experience a healthier and happier you, and create a more abundant life! WHEN: * Level I: 1/21 ~ 2/11, Wednesdays, 6pm ~ 8pm (Possibly may start 1 week later: 1/28 ~2/18) (Please check back later for actual start date. Mahalo!) * Level II: 2/25 ~ 3/18, Wednesdays, 6pm ~8pm WHERE: Kaiser Honolulu Clinic, 1010 Pensacola St., Honolulu, 96814. WHO: YOU?! YOU & YOUR FRIENDS?! Anyone interested in improving their health, their life & relationships, who wants to feel better naturally, clear away negativity & stress, & make healthy lifestyle changes through holistic practices. INSTRUCTOR: Lusana Joy Hernández, MSW; Holistic Self-Healing Facilitator; Wellness Coach, Energy Healer, Body Worker. HOW: * Register through Kaiser Lifestyle Program ~ Call (808) 432-2270; *or* * Mail in your registration form on page 18 of the "Healthy Living" Class Catalogue with payment (received by Kaiser by Monday, 1/19 if class begins 1/21). (*Walk-ins are not advised. The class may be full. Please pre-register. Mahalo!) FEES: $64 Kaiser Members, $72 Nonmembers, $48 Employees. (Fees are for each Level; Level I is a pre-requisite for Level II.) MORE INFO: For detailed info on the class, please either: 1) See the Kaiser "Healthy Living" Class Catalogue. 2) Call the Kaiser Lifestyle Program at: (808) 432-2270. 3) Contact Lusana Hernández, MSW. COME JOIN US!!! WITH YOUR PRESENCE, INTEREST & PARTICIPATION, IT PROMISES TO BE AN INSPIRING & FUN CLASS! (A good time was had by all!) With Heartfelt Gratitude, Lusana Hernández, MSW Holistic Self~Healing Facilitator, Intuitive, Wellness Coach, Energy Healer, Body Worker. www.AliveWithAloha.com

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